About Our Organization

The Keilor East Returned and Services League (RSL) is located at 12-22 Hoffmans Rd Essendon.

The Sub-Branch was first formed back in Late August/ early September 1953 at the National Airways Workshop, located on the corner of Keilor and Hoffman’s Rd, Niddrie.

A man named Henk Hasselo, a Niddrie resident and former Royal Dutch Navy and R.A.F Pilot (321 Squadron), agreed to help in the formation of a Sub-Branch. Being a recent arrival in the area, Henk contacted serviceman Len Feain who was more familiar with the district and its people. Len, in turn, contacted Mr. David Purcell (RAAF/RAF Pilot), who later became the first Keilor East Sub-Branch President, and other servicemen in the area.

Shortly after, a meeting was held at Henk’s home, and a report was sent to Anzac House, which then placed a notice in the paper calling all ex-servicemen to attend the meeting held in September. The meeting was well attended, and the first Executive Committee of the Sub-Branch was elected and appointed. On the 12 of August, the Keilor East Sub-Branch received its charter document from Anzac House, which officially proclaimed the formation of the Sub-Branch.

On days such as ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day, Vietnam Veterans Day, and post-1975 conflicts, we come together to honor the courage and sacrifice of those who have served. For the members, staff, and volunteers of the RSL, this is a year-round commitment; supporting Veterans is our way of life. With that, we take pride in our strong ability to raise funds for them. Our Poppy Appeal raises an excess of approx. $90, 000.00 for our veterans.

This is not possible without our army of volunteers, who we cannot thank enough for all their efforts each and every appeal time.

Want to get involved? We are always looking to welcome new volunteers into our club! Contact the office for more information.

Veteran health and well-being is the most important part of Keilor East RSL and RSL Victoria as an organization. We assist our local community in a number of different ways, including providing financial support, opportunities for social inclusion, and the representation of Veteran entitlements. If you have any questions regarding the welfare or pension support, do not hesitate to contact us and organize a meeting with our welfare or pension support officer.

Please email our Welfare officer for more information here.